Guidestar for Grant Applications

In recent years, the Foundation has implemented Guidestar for Grant Applications in all of our online grants processes in order to simplify and streamline the online application process.

What is guidestar?

GuideStar gathers, organizes, and distributes information about U.S nonprofits. Each year, millions of people use GuideStar information to make decisions about nonprofits and the work they do. Donors explore charities and issues they want to support. Nonprofit leaders benchmark their organizations against their peers. Funders research grantees. Based on publicly available data from non-profit’s 990 filings, as well as self-reported data that can be completed by individual non-profit organizations, GuideStar provides the public with up-to-date snapshots of the work of non-profits across the United States (and beyond).

What is Guidestar for Grant applications (G4g)?

G4G allows you to automatically pre-fill any G4G field in our online application forms with the click of a button.

Our hope is that by making as much of our application form linked to GuideStar as possible, we can cut down on the amount of time it takes potential grantseekers to complete our application materials. After all, if you’ve completed your GuideStar profile to your satisfaction, you can copy it directly into our application form in order to submit. And similarly, if you complete our full application form, you’ve gone a long way towards drafting answers required to fully complete your GuideStar profile.

How does it work?

It’s simple, really. As a first step, you have to claim your GuideStar profile at Once you’ve claimed your profile, you can update any of the information there to build a more robust and accurate picture of your work. Depending on how much information you choose to share on GuideStar’s platform, you may receive a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum GuideStar Seal.

When applying to The Helen J. Serini Foundation, you’ll see a button at the top of each of our grant application forms that will allow you to pre-fill answers to some (unfortunately, not all) of the questions in the form with your answers to GuideStar questions.

After pre-filling these answers, you can edit them to your heart’s content within our online application. Note that changing the automatically populated answers in our grant forms does not automatically change the information in your GuideStar profile.

G4G fields are never required in our grants process; you can still complete each G4G question manually as you desire. They are simply in place to provide a streamlining option for those who want to use them.


Still unclear on what G4G is, how it works, or why we believe it’s useful in our grant applications? Check out GuideStar’s overview of the GuideStar for Grant Applications (G4G) program, or drop us a line at and we’re happy to help.