Types of Grants


Leadership Development Grants

Funding to provide leadership and/or professional development to a key staff member or volunteer within your organization. Funding requests are capped at $1,500, and a limited budget is available for 2018. For more information on this program, click here.


general Operating Support

"Keep the lights on" funding. General operating support grants are not restricted to a specific project or program within an organization, but instead intended to support the organization as a whole.

Capacity Building Support

Funds specifically intended to help an organization expand its capacity by expanding staff, investing in training opportunities, hiring outside consultants, or encourage collaboration between multiple organizations working in the same space.

project- or Program Specific grants

Grants to support a specific project within an organization or one particular program within a larger organization.

When applying for a grant, you will be asked to submit your application within one of these categories. If you're uncertain which makes the most sense for your specific request, please contact our Program Officer at kmchugh@hjsfoundation.org for guidance.

single-Year and Multi-Year Commitments

Multi-year grants will be made by invitation only, though we welcome unsolicited applications for one-year grants from organizations who meet our eligibility requirements.

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