All applications are required to be submitted online via our online application. A brief explanation of the process for our major grants program--General Operating, Capacity Building, and Program Support Grants over $5,000--is included below, or you can proceed directly to the application to begin applying. You will be required to create an account with an email address and password to proceed, and will use this login throughout the grants process.

If you would like to preview the first steps of the application process without creating an organizational profile, you may do so by clicking here.

If you are having technical difficulties, including a lost username or password, please contact our Program Officer at

Major Grants Process

Applications that do not follow this process will not be reviewed. Note that the process below applies to grant funding requests over $5,000. For information on how to apply for funding in amounts less than $5,000, please contact Kerry McHugh, Program Officer, at For information on how to apply for leadership development grants, which are capped at $1,500 per applicant, see our Leadership Development Grants information.



Review Our Mission and Grant Guidelines to determine if you are a fit for our funding options before proceeding.



All organizations seeking funding in amounts over $5,000 are required to submit an LOI. When you log in to our online grant application, this LOI will be the required first step of the process. We encourage unsolicited LOIs from organizations who meet our eligibility requirements.

The LOI form asks for basic organizational questions (annual operating budget, geographic area of focus, contact information) and allows for the attachment of a two-page PDF document to explain your funding request. LOIs are accepted throughout most of the year, with specific cut-offs for LOI submission to be considered for a specific grant cycle. Our LOI process closes each fall after the deadline for the fall grant cycle passes, and re-opens in late December/early January for the spring grant cycle.

To preview the first step of the application process--the LOI form--click here. Should you decide to submit an LOI, you will be required to create an organizational profile and log in to your account to access your application.



All LOIs will be reviewed in detail by the Program Officer and a select committee of community volunteers and board members. On invitation, organizations will be able to access the full grant proposal form via our online application system. Receipt of all proposals will be acknowledged in writing. 

All proposals will be reviewed by the Program Officer and Executive Director, and will be provided to the Board of Directors for review. 

To preview the questions asked in full proposals for funding amounts over $5,000, download the corresponding PDF below:



We strive to complete site visits for all applicants, schedules and geography allowing. These visits will be coordinated with those organizations invited to submit full proposals and will be completed prior to our board's review of the applications and final vote.


We currently make grant decisions twice a year: Spring and Fall. Every reasonable effort will be made to make a decision in a timely manner, and you will be kept up-to-date on anticipated next steps, board decisions, and expected timing as your proposal is reviewed.

Spring 2019 Grant Cycle Deadlines:

  • January 25th: Letters of Inquiry due by 5pm

  • March 8th: Invitations to submit proposals sent

  • April 12th: Proposals due

  • April 12th-April 16th: Site visits, on-site interviews, etc. conducted as needed

  • Early June: Notification of proposal acceptance or declination

Fall 2019 Grant Cycle Deadlines:

The final timeline for the Fall 2019 Grant Cycle will be announced in late spring. The timeframes below are approximate to allow for advance planning.

  • Late June/Early July: Letters of Inquiry due (LOIs are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year, but any LOIs received after June 30th will be considered part of the Spring 2019 funding cycle)

  • Late August: Invitations to submit proposals sent

  • Late September: Proposals due

  • August-September: Site visits, on-site interviews, etc. conducted as needed

  • Mid-November: Notification of proposal acceptance or declination

All organizations submitting a proposal will receive a written notice regarding the decision on the proposal.



Depending on the type and size of the grant, reporting requirements may vary. We will communicate with you on expected reporting and communications when notifying applicants of the grant decision.

Grantees receiving large grants or multi-year grants may be asked for interim reports prior to each installment in addition to final reports at the end of the grant period. Grantees receiving capacity-building grants may be asked to submit a blog post summarizing key learnings to share with other organizations in place of a more typical grant report.

To preview the types of questions asked in final reports, you may download the corresponding PDF below. Please note that these reports are templates only, and the exact questions asked in your final report may vary slightly:

Other Funding Programs: