Leadership Development Grants Program

The Helen J. Serini Foundation is committed to investing in the human capital and professional leadership of our community's non-profits to ensure success today and into the future. In order to do so, this small grants program was launched specifically to provide leadership and/or professional development for key staff within your organization. Note that organizations must be based within the foundation's geographic areas of focus (Anne Arundel, Baltimore or Frederick Counties, or Baltimore City) to be eligible to apply.

In 2019, additional funding for Frederick County nonprofits is once again available thanks to the generous co-funding of the Ausherman Family Foundation. The Ausherman Family Foundation recognizes the importance of capacity building, including leadership development in nonprofits, and is supporting this program in the spirit of collaboration.

Leadership development grant requests are now being accepted via our online portal. Due to internal capacity at the foundation, applications must be received prior to July 15, 2019 for consideration.

Photo credit: Sandis Helvigs | Source: Unsplash.com

Photo credit: Sandis Helvigs | Source: Unsplash.com

Program Overview

Leadership Development grants are intended to support the leadership and/or professional development of key staff within your organization. This may include one-on-one trainings, conference registration fees, seminars, webinars, speaker series, coaching, and/or travel arrangements for any of the above. 

The budget for this program is limited in 2019, and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible organizations. Unsolicited requests are encouraged and welcomed, provided the organization applying meets the foundation's eligibility criteria. Applicants may request up to $1,500 per applicant, totaling no more than $3,000 per organization. Applications must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the training opportunity identified, unless prior approval is obtained from Foundation staff for a later application. Applications will be review and decisions provided within three weeks; due to the foundation's limited staff resources, we cannot commit to decisions faster than this.


How to Apply

Applications for all grant requests to the Helen J. Serini Foundation must be made via our online portal. Requests received via email, phone, or snail mail will not be reviewed. Applications for Leadership Development funding must be submitted by the person who will be participating in/receiving the leadership development opportunity in question.

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To preview the full list of questions that will appear on the application form or final report, you made download the corresponding PDFs below:

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