Selected Grants Made : 2017

Below is a sampling of grants awarded in 2017. Additional grantmaking activities may be reflected on the foundation's form 990-PF. This list, however, is representative of the grants approved by the board as a whole (exclusive of discretionary gifts) and is an accurate representation of our grantmaking priorities for 2017.

As noted, the foundation shifted its focus and mission in mid-2017, so past grant activities may not be indicative of future directions. For more information on our grants process and how to apply, visit our Grants Page.

  • Adoptions Together (Maryland) - $12,500, General Operating Support: Adoptions Together is a child and family health and welfare agency that provides therapeutic support and education for children and their families, works to build healthy, lifelong connections between children and families, and provides advocacy for best practices in child welfare systems. Their programs strive to ensure that children of all ages have the opportunity to grow up in healthy, supportive and permanent families by addressing the issues of abuse, neglect and family stability.


  • Anne Arundel County Volunteer Center (Anne Arundel County, MD) - $1,500, Leadership Development: The Anne Arundel County Volunteer Center is the premier volunteer connector in Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis. Annually, the Volunteer Center helps more than 4,000 individuals, families, corporate and community groups find volunteer opportunities at 360+ community organizations. Funding provided leadership development budget for one staff person.


  • Baltimore Community ToolBank (Baltimore City and surrounding areas, MD) - $15,000, General Operating Support: The Baltimore Community ToolBank serves hundreds of community-based organizations annually with a wealth of tools and resources.  In addition to their tool lending program, the ToolBank intentionally connects partners to each other in order to share knowledge, skills and resources to make our communities vibrant. 


  • Friends of Patterson Park (Baltimore City, MD) - $1,500, Leadership Development: The Friends of Patterson Park ensures the park’s vitality as a treasured green space, and encourages use and appreciation by neighbors, visitors, and future generations. Funding supported fundraising training for staff and board members.


  • Humanim, Inc. (Baltimore City, MD) - $1,500, Leadership Development: Humanim’s identifies those in greatest need and provides uncompromising human services. Humanim’s vision is that all people in our community have access to the human services that they need. Diverse and complimentary programs benefit the individual served, their families, referral sources, and the local community. Funding supported professional development and certification for one manager-level staff person.


  • Humanim, Inc. (Baltimore City, MD) - $12,500, City Seeds ProgramHumanim's Social Enterprise Division works towards job creation; skill building and workforce placement for those with barriers to employment; wealth-building for low-income and minority communities; small business development; and supply chain connections. The City Seeds program, a culinary social enterprise model, is creating jobs and providing training within the food sector by fulfilling large-scale contracts from local anchor institutions and large-scale purchasers. City Seeds also runs a food sector entrepreneurial program.



  • Maryland Center on Economic Policy (Maryland) - $5,000, General Operating Support: The Maryland Center on Economic Policy advances innovative policy ideas to foster broad prosperity and help our state be the standard-bearer for responsible public policy. MDCEP engages in research, analysis, strategic communications, public education, and grassroots alliances promoting robust debate and greater public awareness of the policy choices Maryland residents face.


  • Mental Health Association of Frederick County (Frederick, MD) - $7,500, Systems Navigation: Systems Navigation is a free service to assist parents and children with multiple or intensive needs related to behavior, development, school, health, or mental health, to navigate existing services available in Frederick County. 


  • Parks and People Foundation (Baltimore, MD) - $5,000 BRANCHES Youth Leadership for Change: The Parks & People Foundation is dedicated to supporting a wide range of recreational and educational opportunities; creating and sustaining beautiful and lively parks; and promoting a healthy natural environment for Baltimore. The BRANCHES Program supports youth employment and leadership development for Baltimore youth.


  • Pigtown Main Street (Baltimore, MD) - $2,770, Leadership Development: Since 2000, Pigtown Main Street, has led the revitalization of the Washington Boulevard commercial corridor in Historic Pigtown, a neighborhood of Southwest Baltimore City. The organization offers technical assistance to small business owners; partners with property owners to recruit new small businesses; implements clean, green and safe initiatives; and hosts free neighborhood events that foster community pride and attract customers. Funding supporting professional development opportunities for two staff people.


  • Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs (Frederick County), - $5,000, Case Management for Families with Children: The Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs coordinates donations of time, talent, money, food and other resources to meet the urgent needs of people of Frederick County. The Coalition works toward a more just and compassionate society.


  • University of Baltimore Foundation, University of Baltimore School of Law Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts (Baltimore City, MD) - $10,000, Court Truancy Program: Established in 2000, CFCC’s mission is to create, foster, and support local, state, and national movements to integrate communities, families, and the justice system in order to improve the lives of families and the health of the community. CFCC’s activities center around generating policy initiatives, preparing action-oriented reports and projects, and providing educational programs that focus on the wide range of issues that affect relationships among parents, children, the courts, schools, and the community.


  • Youth Empowered Society (Baltimore, MD) - $10,000, General Operating Support: YES Drop-In Center is Baltimore City’s first and only opportunities. and allies that them make and sustain connections to long-term resources and  drop-in center for homeless youth. YES Drop-In Center is a safe space for youth who are homeless and between the ages of 14-25, to get basic needs met and establish supportive relationships with peer staff.