Exponent Philanthropy's 2019 Next Gen Fellows Program


Philanthropy is not always thought of as a young person's industry. But look a little closer, and it's apparent that there are young people moving and shaking in the world of foundations and grantmaking. If you're a member of this younger generation (the Next Gen), or have a Next Gen board member or staff person in your foundation, take a look at Exponent Philanthropy's Next Gen Fellows program--a 6-month training designed exclusively for Next Gen philanthropists (defined roughly as those ages 18-35).

Our Program Officer, Kerry McHugh, was a member of the 2014 cohort, and will be returning to the program in 2019 as facilitator. If you have questions about her experience, feel free to email her at kmchugh@hjsfoundation.org. Specific questions about program participation may be directed to Exponent Philanthropy staff at info@exponentphilanthropy.org, or by calling 202-580-6560.

Note: The Helen J. Serini Foundation is a member of Exponent Philanthropy, a national membership association for funders who operate with few or no staff, and Kerry McHugh serves on the Board of Directors of the organization.