Maryland Nonprofits: Nonprofit Development Center

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Are you a new nonprofit looking for resources to connect you to the nonprofit community in Maryland? Want information on best practices, resources, training, consulting, development assistance and a network of peers to learn from? Saw our post about Maryland Nonprofits and not sure you can afford the membership fees?

The Nonprofit Development Center may be the answer to your questions. Maryland-based nonprofits (501(c)(3)s, (c)(4)s, or (c)(6)s) that are less than 10 years old and have an annual operating budget of up to $750,000 are eligible to apply for this opportunity.

Those accepted will receive:

  • Access to an online learning community and help desk
  • Training and professional development
  • Educational resources and customizable samples
  • Business and strategic consulting
  • Educational learning cohorts
  • A membership to Maryland Nonprofits

For more information, answers to frequently asked questions, or to apply, visit Maryland Nonprofits Nonprofit Development Center website.

We get a lot of emails and come across a ton of non-profit resources, and try to share interesting and relevant information in this space. The Helen J. Serini Foundation is a member of Maryland Nonprofits, but is not involved in the planning or implementation of this program. For more information about Maryland Nonprofits, visit To submit an event for consideration on this blog, email