Partner Spotlight: Literacy Council of Frederick County

Cho Cho is a legal immigrant from Myanmar/Burma. She immigrated to Frederick through a U.S. Immigration lottery.  She does not receive any government assistance. She could speak rudimentary English when she began taking a Literacy Council class and she understood most things that were said to her. In the class, she has worked to improve her pronunciation so that Americans can understand her. Her improvement in English enabled her to get a job as a housekeeper at a Plamondon hotel. She has a 4-year college degree in Math from her home country. She and her tutor worked on pronunciation in hopes of her moving to a better paying position, and she has achieved that.  She now works at Trans Tech as a quality control inspector. She also had goals of getting her driver's license, buying a car and having her own apartment.  She has achieved the goals of getting her license and purchasing a car through Second Chances Garage.  

English is the skill that is enabling her to reach these 'American Dream' goals. She is a hard worker who is willing to study and learn a new language and culture. She made $30 a month in Myanmar as a hotel desk clerk after 12 years experience. There are so many more opportunities for her here, if she can continue to improve her English skills. She is a smart woman with many skills that can enrich our community. 

Now she is paying it forward and sharing her hard won resources.  Other more recent immigrants in the class are now looking to Cho Cho for support.  She has used her car to deliver donated furniture to a recent immigrant. She passed her bicycle on to someone who doesn't have a car yet. She has also given her classmates tips on interviewing in the U.S. She serves as a role model for the other students.

The Literacy Council of Frederick County aims to teach adults in Frederick County the reading and other English language skills they need to provide for their families and contribute to the well-being and prosperity of our community. With free one-on-one tutoring as well as small group lessons, the Literacy Council of Frederick County empowers people to live more fulfilling lives.

The Council is always seeking new tutors. Training is provided--no teaching experience necessary. More information is available on the Literacy Council of Frederick County's website.