Federated Charities: Upcoming Nonprofit Capacity & Development Opportunities in Frederick, Maryland

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The Federated Charities Corporation of Frederick was established in 1911 to help support a growing number of charitable organizations being established in Frederick County. More than 100 years later, Federated Charities continues to do so by offering below-market office and rental spaces to community nonprofits, incubator space for emerging nonprofits, and capacity building and developmental training events for nonprofit leaders. 

Human Resources Management

Are you new to supervision? Did you inherit an organization that has staff issues? Don’t wait until you actually have an HR matter to deal with it in your organization. It’s never too early to plan for your new staff (even if you don’t have any employees yet). Work through the basics of personnel policies, hiring and onboarding and how to deal with common HR situations.

What: You Said What to an Employee?? Learning How to Legally and Effectively Manage Human Capital

When: Friday September 15, 12-4pm

Where: Federated Charities, 22 South Market Street, Frederick, MD, 21701

Who Should Attend: New and established managers, Board members, Executive Directors

Cost: $25 per person (includes lunch)

Financial Systems & Accountability

You rely on the public’s trust to do your work so it’s critical that you have systems in place to manage your finances. If you’re not sure how to get started, this hands-on session is perfect for you. Learn the basics of budgeting, create a simple tracking and documentation system and understand how to help your board understand the finances of your organization (ie: decode your financial statements).

What: Financial Systems & Accountability

When: Saturday October 7, 9am-1pm

Where: Federated Charities, 22 South Market Street, Frederick, MD, 21701

Who Should Attend: Emerging Organizations, Board Members, Program Staff

Cost: $25 per person (includes lunch)

Marketing Support

So you want your Facebook posts to go viral? Us too but there’s some tricks of the trade that you might not know about. Federated Charities is underwriting a limited number of on-hour consultations with a marketing professional. Angelica Carter will review your nonprofit website or Facebook page and your short and long-term communication objectives in advance and spend your appointment discussing immediate adjustments you can make for maximum impact as well as talk through any new outreach ideas your organization is considering.

What: One-on-One Marketing Consultation

When: Tuesday, October 10th, 10:30am-2:30pm (one-hour appointments only)

Where: Federated Charities, 22 South Market Street, Frederick, MD, 21701

Who Should Attend: Organizations with a website, Facebook presence, and/or draft communications or marketing plan, or Organizations looking to launch any of the above

Cost: Free (Space is limited to five one-hour appointments on a first-come, first-served basis, and pre-registration is required.)

Strong Presentations

Your audience isn’t going to get that 15 minutes back of their lives if your presentation is bland and your slides are filled with lines and lines of text…and what are you going to do if the AV breaks down? This session will help you put together an awesome slide presentation and talk you through knowing when you shouldn’t show it because you understand your audience and your venue. You’ll also have some hands on time with an expert to develop your own slideshow presentation with best practices for text and graphics. P.S. the AV always breaks down.

What: 237 Slides is Too Many... and Other Presentation Problems

When: Friday, October 20, 9-11am

Where: Federated Charities, 22 South Market Street, Frederick, MD, 21701

Who Should Attend: Anyone responsible for or involved with any aspects of public speaking (and especially anyone who regularly abuses presentation software)

Cost: Free (Pre-registration is required.)

Current grant partners of The Helen J. Serini Foundation interested in attending training workshops but lacking the resources or budget allocations to do so are encouraged to contact Kerry McHugh, Program Officer, to discuss options for attendance.